Alex Daoud and my half sister Kelly Hyman celebrating publishing of Sins of South Beach book, weeks after I got shot.

This picture above is when my father Alex Daoud had a book signing event, for his novel Sins of South Beach. My father was joined by my half-sister, Kelly Hyman (Daoud), and as you can see from their expressions, that they were overjoyed and had an absolutely great time. Like, really you have to see their expression, shining with pure joy. This picture was taken mere weeks after I got shot  with a gun to my stomach. The bullet exited my back thru my iliac spine by someone who killed a dear friend of mine named Sam Foreman a well known Miami attorney and business man during a senseless act of violence and then I was targeted as I was the only witness. My father and half-sister are celebrating while I am genuinely, and precariously struggling for my life. 

You can read up on this crazy event more in detail below:

or see it at the Miami New Times Website:

Man Kills Boss Over Air Conditioning - Credit: Miami New Times

Also there is the court case, as he is currently in jail and trying to get out too:

Or the link to the case text:


What makes this even more sinister is the fact that both, my father and half-sister are partially responsible for predicament. And I say "partially" because that in itself is a story, and leads to the conclusion that manipulation had happen, but the motive is unclear, hate, envy, control? or all of the above?

I actually found this picture years later and was astonished, that while I was suffering, this man who calls himself my father simple said "What did you want me to do? I had a book signing...".

What in fact he was saying in "Alex Daoud" vocabulary that he did not care and he was happy and overjoyed I was hurt(!) This is not the first time he has laughed at me when I was unlucky or hurt, and actually enjoys seeing me suffering. His abuse is so extensive and unwarranted, that believe not anyone on this planet can completely comprehend the evil I have suffered at the hands of this evil man ALEX DAOUD, therefore now my story begins...  as this is the only way.

Much more to come unfortunately. As I feel the great need to express my story and share my experiences with others so maybe they can feel  also not alone. There is a lot to be told, that contains unique experiences, and wisdom. This is the Primal work of a narcissistic personality disorder. YUP... my dad only cares about himself, his feelings and the fake world he created revolves only around himself. He accomplishes this thru any any means necessary, manipulation, lies, deceiving, or bullying, he will achieve his goal and you will be his victim at end of story....

Oh, and P.S. many many many more evil, abusive short stories to come, that will paint the bigger picture. It is time for Me to Heal and let go, find others who can relate to me... your friend


Alexis Daoud


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